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Zoë Kravitz Proved She’s Identical to Mom Lisa Bonet With a Throwback Pic You Can’t Unsee

Ageless, stunning, too cool for this world — take a guess, am I describing Lisa Bonet or Zoë Kravitz? The correct answer would be both, of course, a fact that Kravitz proved spectacularly while wishing her supercool mom a happy 53rd birthday (and a roundabout thank you for those perfect genes she passed on). Scrolling down the TL, you’d think that maybe Kravitz had just posted a picture of herself (and that she happened to be holding someone’s baby) until you read the caption, where the doting daughter reveals that it’s actually a throwback snap of mom Bonet and Kravitz, while pictured, is actually that lil baby in her arms. Minds. Blown. We love a good lookalike photo as much as the next gal (arguably more) but this isn’t just a run-of-the-mill lookalike, this is seriously identical.

Kravitz, daughter of Bonet’s ex Lenny Kravitz, captioned her birthday love post with a short sentence that actually helpfully filled us in on why we’re not having this jaw-dropping realization about their resemblance on a daily basis. “She don’t have instagram cuz she’s cooler than all of us. happy birthday twin 🔥 #mama.”

While we were busy picking our jaws up off the floor, Alicia Keys stepped in there for us to let us know we weren’t alone: “Twinnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! So crazy!!!!!” This is probably the only time we can say we know exactly what it feels like to be Alicia Keys, because we too want to smash the exclamation mark key until it gives out beneath our fingers. This is no ordinary lookalike; this is like looking in a frigging mirror.

It looks like Kravitz can comfortably plan ahead for what she should expect to look like in decades to come. And let’s just say the future is bright.

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