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Olivia Wilde’s Breakup With Jason Sudeikis May Be More Recent Than We Think

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis first met in 2011 and got engaged shortly thereafter in 2012, the start of a whirlwind love story we never expected to see ending like this. People has confirmed that the couple is going their separate ways, a shock to fans who’d followed their fast-paced love story and growing family welcoming son Otis and daughter Daisy with joy. Sources close to the couple have only said that their relationship stopped working, and that it no longer made sense to go ahead with a long-planned wedding, with one insider noting that their move from NYC to LA at the end of 2019 was “the beginning of the end.” Combined with a little Instagram sleuthing, it does look like Wilde and Sudeikis may have been living on opposite coasts for a while now — but it also shows her posting pics of her man until June, when sources claimed their relationship fell apart at the beginning of the year. So, why did they really break up?

“There was absolutely no drama or scandal, they just didn’t work as a couple anymore,” one source told Entertainment Tonight. “If you’re looking for a juicy story, there just isn’t one. Of course their kids are their number one priority and at the forefront of any decision they make.”

“The split happened at the beginning of the year,” another source told People. “It’s been amicable and they’ve transitioned into a great co-parenting routine. The children are the priority and the heart of the family’s relationship.”

That’s all very well and good — but Wilde’s Instagram in early 2020 didn’t look like they’d recently separated. There’s a sweet tribute and throwback photo of Sudeikis on Valentine’s Day, and just a few days later, a snap their daughter took after crashing their bedroom on an early morning.


Come March, there are more signs of trouble — or, just signs that Wilde was getting back to work, as her location switched to NYC. With these Hollywood stars, bicoastal living can be their base line, so it’s hard to know if this was Wilde missing NYC or just getting on with the job.

In May, however, the message is a little less ambiguous: “The view from our old apartment in the Meatpacking. I miss this mess. #tbt,” Wilde writes.

And yet — however much she missed NYC, Wilde was still hyping up her co-parent as late as June. “You may have punched Baby Yoda, but it was worth it for this moment of the world’s greatest set-visit,” she wrote under a pic of Sudeikis and their son Otis. “Dads rule. Happy Fathers Day. ❤️.”

Maybe Sudeikis and Wilde were already peacefully separated by the beginning of summer, or maybe something unexpected happened that forced them to reconsider their futures in the months that followed. It’s worth noting that both their careers are hitting new high points, with Wilde’s directing career taking off just as Sudeikis’ new and beloved Ted Lasso is finding its audience.

With any couple, it’s rarely one thing that leads to the end, but lots of little things. And it’ll be up to Wilde and Sudeikis how many of those they want to share.

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