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Jennifer Lopez’s Sweet Surprise From Kids Emme & Max Got Her Choked Up at the PCAs

Jennifer Lopez was honored at the E! People’s Choice Awards with the 2020 People’s Icon award — and truly, has anyone ever deserved it more? Maybe because they knew J.Lo was an extra-special contender (or maybe to make up for the lack of in-person awards this year), E! pulled out all the stops when it was time for Jenny on the Block’s award acceptance, including videos from fan Nicole Kidman and her most important fans of all: her twins, son Maximilian David and daughter Emme Maribel Muñiz. Her kids, both age 12, hopped on to Zoom to congratulate their mom on her massive win and obviously stole the show with their cuteness.

While not everything Emme and Max said to their mom could be heard (hey, we’ve all been dealing with connectivity issues), it was clear how emotional their presence made Lopez as she stepped up to accept this honor.

“Congratulations,” son Max could be heard saying while Emme encouraged him. “We’re so happy for you mom.”

We’ve seen some of Emme before — notably, singing alongside her mom and Shakira at their powerful 2020 Super Bowl halftime show and more recently publishing her children’s book (yes, I did say 12 years old).

Lopez has said before that having kids changed everything for her as an artist, and it’s clear that she wants the world for her own kids — and for every kid out there who isn’t getting the chances they deserve, not unlike a young Lopez herself who fought hard to make the roles that defined her career possible.

“The true measure is in inspiring girls of all ages and all color from all around the world that you can do what you want,” Lopez told her fans. “Theri dreams are limited only by their imagination and determination and their willingness to never give up.”

Kidman also had sweet words for the newly crowned icon, saying in a video from Australia: “You are the true definition of an icon. I have known you for a long time now and watched you go from strength to strength.”

“I will never forget — bringing my sister to your Vegas show, you came off stage after two hours,” she continued. “And you were standing there as though you could go on again and you were just power.”

Can you picture J.Lo standing in her Vegas dressing room, posing like Superman and ready to go? Because we sure can (and thank you, Nicole, for that visual).

Long story short, Lopez didn’t need tonight to know she was an icon. But it was the perfect moment for everyone to let her know how long they’ve already believed she was one.

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