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Rumer Willis Says Dad Bruce Willis Wants Her to Get Pregnant and Have a Baby Boy

Bruce Willis has that grandparent itch already and he’s putting the baby pressure on oldest daughter, Rumer Willis, to carry out his wish. The action star seems a bit tired of being outnumbered given the fact he’s the father of five daughters — three with ex-wife, Demi Moore — Rumer, 32, Scout, 29, and Tallulah, 26, as well as two with his current wife, Emma Heming Willis — Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 6.

Rumer revealed on Friday’s episode of The Talk that he’s surrounded by so much “female energy” that he’s pining for a baby boy.

“Even my dad puts pressure on me,” says Rumer. “Over the quarantine, he was like, ‘So I’d like for you to have a son because I need some male energy in this group.’”

Bruce has been quarantining with his all-female crew earlier and Rumer understands his wanting to have a boy to pal around with but she’s not going to get pregnant with just anyone because her dad needs a grandson to go to a baseball game.

“I’m like okay, I want to make sure who I do that with,” shares Rumer, sounding more conservative than her 65-year-old dad. “But it’s important to wait. I think it’s so important not to rush in and have it be about the lust or about, you know, that immediate connection, then building a real foundation.”

Bruce should be impressed with the wisdom he’s passed down to his eldest child, no matter how badly he wants a grandson. She’s going to be a mother on her timetable, not anyone else’s. That’s the serious approach the Die Hard star has taken in raising his family. I think I’m much more afraid of making a mistake in raising my daughters than I would be with any work that I do, as an actor. It’s a much higher scale of fear, raising kids,” he told Collider in 2010.

Even though he’s a focused dad, it sounds like he’s ready to cut loose as a grandfather. Rumer already knows her dad has big plans for her future son that might be hilarious (or creepy), “I guarantee you guys, my dad would somehow try to come in and kidnap him, hijack the child, try and take him away.”

Honestly, that sounds like Bruce’s next action film storyline.

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