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Meghan McCain Slams Donald Trump on Twitter After He Loses Arizona

Meghan McCain took Donald Trump’s belittling words once used to disparage her father, John McCain, and flipped the script. After Arizona reportedly turned from red to blue Thursday night, The View co-host took to Twitter, posting a meme of her dad. “In light of tonight’s news…” she wrote alongside a photo of her father with the words, “I like people who don’t lose Arizona.”

In 2015, Trump called the late Senator a “loser” for not winning the White House in 2008 and repeatedly mocked McCain for having been a prisoner of war.

Arizona, a longtime Republican stronghold, hasn’t voted for a Democratic president since 1996, when Bill Clinton won the state. “What I think happened was not just my husband’s influence,” Meghan’s mom, Cindy McCain, told The View. “This administration has done so poorly on so many different things. To start, with the pandemic, the military, leaving our allies on the battlefield, pulling out of treaties,” she said as she criticized Trump. “All of those things combined, I think, made most people want to vote for [President-elect Joe] Biden.”

And as of Friday, Nov. 13, as reported by CNN, for just the second time in more than 70 years, “a Democrat will carry Arizona in a presidential election.”

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