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Khloe Kardashian Makes Light of Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Scandals

Sometimes the best thing to do after getting hurt is to laugh it off. Khloe Kardashian did just that in this week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She made a joke jabbing at Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandals while quarantining after she tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Good American co-founder documented her quarantine experience sharing that she was lonely and needed someone to talk with so she decided to create an imaginary friend. The new companion was made out of a circular massage pillow with a pair of red glasses added. She made a FaceTime call to Thompson, sharing her creation “This is quarantina. I know how much you like other women, so…” to which Tristan replied “Oh, wow!”

Tristan’s first cheating scandal emerged right before the birth of their first and only daughter True Thompson. It was only a year later that he was accused of cheating yet again with none other than Jordyn Woods, a close friend of the Kardashians at the time.

Khloe went on to share later in the episode how grateful she has been to have Tristan by her side during quarantine, co-parenting True. “I’m so thankful that Tristan’s been here to help me take care of True” Thompson’s support has even extended to Khloe, as she mentioned in this weeks episode “he’ll make me some food and leave it outside my door.”

This episode did air before Khloe and Tristan got back together, when they were indeed just co-parenting. We want Khloe to be happy and if that means dating Tristan again, then we are in full support.

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