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Stanley Tucci Got This Surprising Apology Letter After His Viral Negroni Tutorial

What do you have when you want to unwind after a long day? If you’re Stanley Tucci’s wife Felicity Blunt, you have a Negroni, up, prepared by your endearingly stern spouse with firm (and controversial) views on how a Negroni ought to be made. The video of Tucci playing bartender (a regular occurrence in their household) was never actually intended for the public, The Witches star now admits. “I never expected it to go out,” he tells SheKnows in a new exclusive interview. But go out it did, posted on a whim and quickly going viral — and while Tucci can definitely handle the pearl-clutching over his cocktail shaking, liquor choices, and orange slices, there’s one comment he does wish he could take back. He took a passing jab at Martini brand vermouth, and the company’s response is one he won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Hoping to nail down the exact components of the Tucci Negroni as we head into the holiday season, we asked what brand of sweet vermouth he does recommend — but Tucci’s been scared straight from naming names in the beverage business.

“I did a terrible thing where I sort of said that Martini didn’t make a good sweet vermouth,” Tucci told us of the video. “They sent me this letter saying, look, we’re really sorry that you don’t care for our [vermouth]…we want you to try this version.”

“It was so nice and I felt so bad,” he continued, reminding us that he hadn’t expected the world at large to see it. “I made it for my wife’s agency, just like an in-house thing. And then we put it on the Internet and I forgot that I had sort of disparaged Martini.”

The comment that set all this off came around a minute into the video, when Tucci directs viewers (wife Felicity) to add “a shot of sweet vermouth,” specifying “if you can find a good sweet vermouth, that’s great — you don’t want to use Martini, you know that brand Martini? Mm, no.”

Of course, to be on the receiving end of an “mm, no” from Stanley Tucci is devastating, We’re surprised the letter didn’t arrive tearstained (though given Tucci’s genuine remorse, it may have).

So, is Tucci a Martini convert now? He can say with confidence that their higher-end sweet vermouth is “delicious,” and gives general advice to avoid anything that’s too thin or too sweet.

Our favorite lesson from Tucci’s video? Pandemic or no pandemic, your wife deserves bar-quality cocktails.

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