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Meghan Trainor Announces Plans to Record a Lullaby Album for Her Son

Meghan Trainor’s new Christmas album, A Very Trainor Christmas
is now available to stream. On Thursday, Trainor teased some of the tracks that appear on her Oct. 30 holiday album —  including special collaborations with her dad, cousins, and brothers who helped write and produce the album with her. And while we are super excited about this new album dropping, the 26-year-old pop star (who’s expecting a baby with husband Daryl Sabara) told SheKnows exclusively she’s also going to be writing and recording another album, an album of lullabies for her son.

“I’m going to make an EP of lullabies for him,” Trainor exclusively told SheKnows. And when asked when we could expect to hear some of these lullabies, the singer shared, “I got to get on that. I got to get to the studio and start writing.” The expecting mom also said some of the tunes would feature her playing the ukulele.

A lot of my apps are like, ‘this is the time where they can hear you’,” Trainor said referring to singing to her belly. “He hears music very loud, especially when we’re doing the music video,” she said. Trainor has been pregnant while recording her new holiday album and says, “Like for my song “Holidays” with Earth, Wind & Fire, we were five months pregnant and we were dancing. So he’s got the best of all worlds with music.”

Trainor first revealed she was pregnant early in October while on Today with Hoda Kotb. When asked why she wanted to tell Hoda first, Trainor said it was because she watched her become a mother herself and always felt Hoda was supportive and encouraging of her becoming a mom, even at a young age. “I watched her grow and I watched her go through her experience of adopting and becoming a mom,” Trainor said.

“She’s always rooted for me. When everyone else was like, ‘you’re too young, you’re too young’ she said, ‘you’re gonna be the best mom’. So I had this crazy bond with her and every time I saw her I was like, ‘I’m going to be pregnant the next time you see me. She knew how bad I wanted this. She’s the nicest person and I knew she’d have the best reaction. And I already had Hoda hoodies that we personally made. So I’m like, this is destiny… I’m going to call her and tell her. I just love her.”

Trainor and husband Sabara are just over the moon about the new addition to their family.

Trainor is also the latest ambassador for Safeguard hand soap and is encouraging handwashing as she participates in the latest #SafeguardSplash “20 seconds to come clean” challenge. “They [Safegaurd] have donated millions of dollars to nonprofit organizations like Feeding America and Save the Children,” Trainor continued. “[Safegaurd] reached out to teachers who are struggling so much right now and have been giving them free products…hand soap. And they’re also working with the teachers to help teach their kids properly stay safe and wash their hands for 20 seconds. And they are giving them gift cards to buy school supplies. And it’s just it’s so inspiring.” Yes, what a way to give back this holiday season.

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