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Sasha Obama’s Viral Rapping TikTok Was Taken From Us Too Soon

19-year-old Sasha Obama has grown up under America’s (mostly) adoring eye, currently spending her time as a University of Michigan student on lockdown with Barack, Michelle, and sister Malia. But before lockdown Sasha, there was college campus Sasha: a teenage girl allowed to be herself and let loose (without the Secret Service watching) for the very first time. In a rollercoaster of events these past 24 hours, we’ve both found and lost videos of exactly what that looked like via a TikTok account from Sasha’s close friend, who posted several videos featuring the former first daughter goofing off on her page. The video that went viral on Twitter includes Sasha lip-synching to City Girls’ rap in Moneybagg Yo’s “Said Sum” — but just as quickly as the internet freaked out, the TikTok videos disappeared. And while we can’t be sure of the motivation behind taking it down, some commentary suggests that Barack’s political opponents took the opportunity to try and malign his college-age daughter.

The initial video itself only shows a few flashes of Sasha, who’s rocking some stunning acrylic nails and serving up a cocky stare to go along with her lip-synched lyrics. Most fans were overcome with love for seeing Sasha looking so grown-up and confident, and they noted that mom Michelle would probably feel the same way.

But of course, where Obamas go, haters follow. Luckily in this case, Sasha’s fans seemed to have overwhelmed and anticipated most of the criticism on Twitter, pointing out that a) there is absolutely nothing harmful going on in this video b) attacking teens is disgusting and c) if we’re going to look at current and former presidents’ children’s social media pages and critique them, we have bigger fish to fry.

Conclusion? We were beyond blessed to get a glimpse of Sasha being herself. But sadly, it looks like that window is once again closing.

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