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Gigi Hadid Is Voting for the America She Wants Her Daughter to Grow Up In

We don’t have to tell you that Election Day is quickly approaching, and lots of people — celebs and non-famous people alike — have already taken advantage of early voting to cast their ballots. Our Instagram feeds are already full of celebs showing off their mail-in ballots and explaining which candidate got their vote and why. And now, one of our favorite new mamas, Gigi Hadid, is sharing her own voting thoughts. Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik welcomed their daughter in September. And in her first photo following her baby girl’s arrival, she explains that she’s voting this year with her daughter in mind.

“I voted absentee last week with my daughter next to me, for an America I want her to see; but not just for us- for fellow Americans that are less privileged,” wrote Hadid. The supermodel continued by saying that she has hope for a nation that is unified and empathetic, and for “a leader that is compassionate.”

In her carousel of photos uploaded onto Instagram, she shared her stunning mirror selfies while sporting a Vote T-shirt by Prabal Gurung and yellow joggers. Alongside her selfies, she included an informational graphic that shows how to vote early in every state. She continued by saying that she was proud of her followers who voted early, mailed in their absentee ballot, or dropped off their ballots at an Elections office.

“IF YOU’RE GOING TO THE POLLS ON NOVEMBER 3RD I’M PROUD OF YOU. Whatever your PLAN, I’m proud of you; make sure you have one !!! Let me know below 👇👇👇”

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