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Kelly Clarkson Shared This Brutally Honest Relationship Advice With a Fan

Sometimes, when a relationship isn’t going in the right direction, we all need a little bit of tough love to set us straight. Love (or lust, or even just a good old fashioned crush) can make us blind to warning signs that are obvious to others — like that one friend you can trust to tell you when things are amiss. And for one lovestruck fan, that friend is Kelly Clarkson! On a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer, who is in the middle of her own unexpected divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock, gave some brutally honest relationship advice after a fan asked how she could take things to the next level with her crush.

Writing in a tweet to Clarkson, the fan explained that her crush that only uses Instagram to message her but sends mixed signals by sending heart eyes emojis. “He hasn’t asked for my number,” wrote the fan. “How do I convince him to take our relationship to the next level and actually text?”

Clarkson, who’s certainly no stranger to her own love and heartbreak, began by giving the fan a warning: “I have advice, I don’t know if you want it!” she said. Yikes!

Clarkson’s guests on the show, Marlon Wayans and Cleo Wade, chimed in with their own advice first. Wayans, admitting he’s “old fashioned” said, “A man should court you and if he’s serious then he’ll ask you on a date, take you on a nice date and he’ll chase you.” He encouraged the fan to play hard to get and her crush would soon be chasing her, and if he doesn’t it’s time to let him go. “You’re the gift, not him,” he said.

Wade suggested a quicker approach, comparing dating to looking for a job — or anything else in life. “You have to be afraid to lose it and if you do have it you know it’s yours,” she said; adding that she should simply tell her crush that she’s going to be off Instagram and that he can text her instead if he’s interested in continuing their conversation. “You have to be unafraid to keep it moving,” Wade noted.

But it was talk show host Clarkson who didn’t hold back and suggested that the fan’s crush honestly just might not be into her. “I don’t understand why you would want to be with someone that only does it in front of people, that’s my thing. You need to know what’s happening behind closed doors, not in front of the doors because that’s who you’re going to be with.”

Harsh? Honestly, we hope the fan appreciates her, well, honesty. And Clarkson softened the blow by quickly adding, that’s okay because we’ve all been there. It’s not just you.”

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