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Brooke Shields’ Daughters Are Behind These Seriously Sexy Bikini Body Photos at 55

For the number of people who have probably looked at Brooke Shields and thought, wow, I wish I looked like that, the bombshell has always been surprisingly modest about her fabulous curves. To be fair, Shields’ early years were marked by overexposure, with her role as a child prostitute in Pretty Baby skyrocketing her to fame when she was still a young girl. In turn, it’s taken Shields time to get comfortable with her body as it is now, at age 55, and embrace herself for who she is. But as those who follow the model and actress on social media will know, Shields recently hit her stride in a major way when it comes to sharing sexy bikini photos and flaunting her killer body. And the star says she has daughters Rowan and Grier to thank for her recent confidence transformation.

Opening up about how she’s found herself posting photos now that she never would have ten years ago, Shields gives all the credit to her two teen daughters.

“I was wearing those big bathing suits that had as much fabric as possible. My daughters were like, ‘Mom, it’s ridiculous,'” she told People. “It was sort of seeing myself through their eyes and just celebrating things like my butt. Things I just would never want to focus on in my life. Being 55 and saying ‘Wait a minute, women over 50 are not done.'”

For Shields, it wasn’t just about realizing that she could still look good at 55 — it was also about realizing that she needed to drastically re-shape her definition of looking good. And for once, try bringing feeling good into the mix too.

“I used to get fit doing Broadway shows eight times a week but I always did it for the show or for the job because the camera is not always kind. So there was a vanity reason,” she explains. “I never knew I could find a place of peace that did not deal with outside appearances.”

After decades comparing herself to sample-size women, Shields finds something new to marvel at in her daughters’ view all the time. “My daughters say I’m curvy. To them curvy is different. I watch them celebrate it. I’m learning from them and they always say you’re better off with something that shows your body rather than a muumuu.”

If the Kardashians have given us anything, let it be an end to equating “fitting sample sizes” with “looking good.” And we’re so glad Shields is getting a crash course in how to love her body now — even as we wish she’d had that messaging all along.

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