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Mena Suvari Reveals Just How Long She’s Waited For This First Pregnancy

Congratulations to Mena Suvari! The radiant actress confirmed to People that she’s currently pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Michael Hope, something they’d both hoped for for quite some time. After their 2018 marriage, the couple hoped to grow their family as quickly as they could — but like so many couples, their path there wasn’t as simple as they’d hoped. Now, with a baby boy due this spring, Suvari couldn’t be grateful and excited for her expanding family.

For Suvari, now 41 years old, she still has to pinch herself to be sure it’s all real.

“It’s still this process for me of believing it and accepting that something this beautiful could happen for me,” she tells People. “It’s been a very emotional experience. It’s very weird finding out — I was like, I can’t believe it!”

And Suvari quickly learned that pregnancy isn’t exactly as intuitive as everyone hopes it will be either, and she’s had to seriously slow down to adjust. But still, she wouldn’t trade it for the world after the months she spent hoping for a pregnancy that didn’t come.

“I was recording my temperature every morning and peeing on these ovulation sticks. You expect that it’ll happen and it didn’t. I got to this place where I felt overwhelmed and stressed out,” she said.

Now that she’s pregnant, she’s re-arranging her schedule around what her newly pregnant body needs: “I’ve had to learn how to be a different way with my appetite and my sleep habits and not pushing myself, asking for help — all these things are hard for an independent woman!”

This heartwarming happy ending is exactly what we needed.

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