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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle May Be Spending the Holidays Apart

Okay, no one panic but it looks like not-so-Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, very much still Duchess of Sussex, may not be spending the holidays together (no word on where young Archie fits in to all this). Loose lips around the palace claim that the royal family has been preparing for Harry’s arrival in December — but only Harry’s, either meaning Meghan wasn’t extended an invitation to join him for the holidays this time around, or Meghan decided she didn’t want to spend them with her in-laws. Either way, it sounds like Harry will be facing some seriously awkward family dinners.

According to a royal source, Harry’s holiday stay is entirely confirmed — the firm doesn’t mess around when it comes to booking engagements in advance.

“Frogmore Cottage has been prepped for Harry’s holiday arrival in December,” the insider told Us Weekly, adding: “As of now, Meghan is not sure she will be flying over with Harry.”

There are plenty of reasons Meghan might feel uncomfortable being back face-to-face with the royal family so soon. Her final royal appearances in February, though dazzling, were strained with rumors of tension between Harry and Prince William and the family’s barely-contained ire with her and Harry’s decision. It must have taken every ounce of strength Meghan had remaining to beam for the cameras and play her part — and we can’t blame her for not wanting to revisit it all so soon.

Further complicating the issue has been Harry and Meghan’s so-called political involvement in the US, by which we mean their urging people to vote. Apparently, some in the UK (beyond Piers Morgan, even) felt that the Sussex couple shouldn’t engage in US politics while still holding their titles from the British royal family. And we can guess exactly how much patience Meghan would have for that take come Christmas.

Of course Harry misses his family and we’d be thrilled to see a Windsor reunion. But we don’t blame Meghan for sitting this one out.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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