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Mark Consuelos Is Sexier Than Ever in This Shirtless Throwback Photo

After 24 years of marriage, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa’s smoking hot love isn’t losing any heat. Ripa posted a throwback photo from a year ago of the two of them in bed that would make anyone sweat.

The main focus of the photo is, of course, Consuelos, who looks right at the camera with a smoldering look. It’s also a great opportunity for Ripa to show off her man’s abs and muscles, something she’s rarely shy to share with us. (Thank you!)

“One year ago and still a full #humpday #mood 🔥this man eats #pbandj 🥪,” she captioned the Instagram post. Posting her husband shirtless has become not only a sign of the strength of their hot marriage but also a great promotional tool. Her recent PR plug for Consuelos’ Netflix show Kingdom also featured her half-dressed husband and his co-stars, Jonathan Tucker and Mac Brandt— and we sure don’t mind the gratuitous man muscle pics.

Their rock-solid relationship might look easy to everyone, but the couple admits they’ve had their moments. Like any marriage, it also takes some work after two decades together. Consuelos had some sound advice on putting a bit of muscle behind their love.

“I guess sometimes you see these public marriages end and you wonder, ‘Really? You’re going to quit now? It’s just been a couple of years. Maybe you should try to stick it out,’” he told Esquire in 2019. “It’s kind of great to have a life together with someone.”

The Riverdale star’s secret to a successful marriage still filled with newlywed moments is pretty basic. He thinks there’s magic in staying together, but it doesn’t come in the big life moments. “It’s the simple moments—the really simple, not extravagant times. I’m just looking at this life that we created together. In a movie, it would be that moment where the husband kind of looks around and is looking at his wife and kids and you’re here, you’re in this beautiful place,” he advised. “And you think, ‘I’m just a kid from Southern Illinois and Tampa. How did I get all of this?’”

Ripa and Consuelos are in it for the long haul — from the red carpet to the bedroom. Now we can only hope the future involves more sweaty bedroom photos of the dynamic duo. Not only for her, but also for us.

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