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Melania Trump Is Reportedly Avoiding Donald Trump to Protect Her Reputation

Melania Trump is apparently doing what she can to stay clear of Donald Trump. This is not a new pattern for the First Lady. But, with the president’s recent return from the hospital, and Melania issuing her own personal statement about precautions taken to protect the staff working in the executive residence amid the coronavirus, it’s become apparent she is strategically distancing herself. 

“It’s extraordinary in history, and it’s a direct contradiction to the way in which he is behaving,” Myra Gutin, author of The President’s Partner: The First Lady in the Twentieth Century told The Washington Post. Gutin couldn’t think of another time in history when a first lady has released a separate statement in such stark contrast to that of the president’s, especially with an upcoming election.

But, does she really care about the workers who serve them, or is she plotting a strategy to save her reputation? “My guess is that she’s looking out for her own reputation and trying to distance herself from her husband’s apparently cavalier attitude toward safety precautions,” said Katherine Jellison, a professor of history at Ohio University, to The Washington Post.

And the First Lady’s former BFF, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, is in agreement. “She keeps herself mysterious and an enigma for a very, very important reason — to keep everyone away and to let everyone believe what they want to believe,” the former senior advisor told Michael Cohen on his podcast, Mea Culpa. Cohen went on to share his opinion saying, “There was a time that things looked a little bit iffy in their marriage, you may recall, where she wouldn’t hold his hand…it’s very possible that they then sat, they brought the lawyers in and they redid the agreement,” Cohen said. “I think she may have potentially — I’m only speaking from opinion, and I don’t know it to be fact, but I think knowing Melania being calculating — which she is — she may have upped the ante at some point.”

So, maybe Melania is trying to play politics — trying to appear reasonable — and by distancing herself hoping she might help her husband’s reelection campaign. Or, she’s trying to protect her reputation.

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