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Tarek El Moussa Says Christina Anstead Divorce ‘Almost Killed’ Him While Addressing Her Recent Split

Flipping 101 star Tarek El Moussa is doing a fantastic job not commenting on ex-wife Christina Anstead’s recent split from new husband Ant Anstead. He’s doing such a good job, in fact, that he’s wound up saying a lot more about his own split from Christina than about her and Ant in the process — and his latest comment about his divorce from Christina is pretty heavy. Look, no one thought he took it casually (especially after he bought a yacht and named it Bad Decisions), but Tarek’s latest claim that divorcing Christina “almost killed” him isn’t quite what we expected. And honestly, at this point, fiancée Heather Rae Young would probably prefer he address her split from Ant than continuing to reminisce about his own.

Flop or Flop‘s Tarek got into his and Christina’s relationship while discussing the upcoming season of their show, which, yep, they’re very much still shooting together despite the events of the last few years. And speaking of the past few years — Tarek credits his current grateful outlook with just how hard those years have been, referencing both his cancer battle and his divorce from Christina.

“I’m so grateful for life. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. I survived cancer twice,” he told E! News. “My divorce almost killed me and for five or six years of my life, I was a really sick guy and today, I’m just grateful to live and be alive and beat cancer and thrive.”

When it comes to Christina and Ant, Tarek doesn’t want to insert his opinion where it’s not needed — but at the same time, he understands fans’ curiosity about their relationships, an interest they’ve worked hard to build over the years.

“I prefer just to stay out of it,” he explained. “For most fans, I think it’s more than just a real estate show. We’ve been doing this for so long. People have watched kids born, people have watched us raise kids, they watched us get divorced, they know us. They’ve been following our lives for almost 10 years. They feel like they’re a part of it, which makes sense.”

We’re curious if it’s news to Christina whether this divorce “almost killed” him, so here’s hoping they find time to address it on Flip or Flop.

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