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This Real Housewives Star Just Threw a Maskless Bridal Shower in a ‘Drunk Wives Matter’ Hat

Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd is known for bringing the drama, a volatile, unpredictable source of exactly the twists and turns needed to keep a reality show running for a whopping fifteen seasons. In November, Dodd once again raised eyebrows with her engagement to fiancé Rick Leventhal after just three months of dating — and given his occupation as a Fox News correspondent, perhaps we shouldn’t have been so surprised by what came next. Dodd is currently facing severe backlash for having thrown a maskless, crowded bridal shower for herself at which she wore a cap reading “Drunk Wives Matter” (yes, that is a disgustingly tasteless spin on Black Lives Matter). And how do we know all this? Reality TV is in Dodd’s DNA: we have photos, videos, and even reaction videos all posted by Dodd herself to social media. And the star has a whole lot to say to her critics.

Dodd posted a series of photos of the (mostly) outdoor event, showing a group of 15-20 women hugging, laughing, and drinking for her bridal shower — plus the selfie with the Drunk Wives Matter hat. The comments came in instantly: “Oh look, another republican super spreader event,” and “no social distancing,” and “haven’t we learned yet? look at [Donald] Trump and he’s in the hospital.”

More surprising than these comments? The fact that Dodd replied to so many of them. “He’s 74 and fat!!” she replied to the comment about Trump in the hospital, adding “ok you get sick and get better !!”

Even one sympathetic comment — “I really like Kelly and her bravado but I wisher she was more responsible” — was given no quarter by Dodd.

“I’m responsible never been sick !!” she wrote back, ignoring that her ability to infect other people is the much bigger concern. “And travelled the world it’s a 99% recovery people of you aren’t compromised it’s a super flu not a death sentence!”

Dodd also later posted a posed photo of all the attendees in their masks — as though them wearing their masks briefly had any effect on the overall safety of the vent. As for the hat, Dodd maintained that the fact that it was a play on the term Black Lives Matter made it funny, and there was nothing wrong with having a laugh.

When one commenter accused her of being “insensitive,” she wrote: “It’s not…my girlfriend bought it for me as a gift. It’s a play on words. Some people aren’t that smart.”

In a now-deleted video uploaded to Instagram defending her choice to wear the hat, E! News reports that she added: “You know what, all lives matter. People that can’t get a joke, go f–k yourselves.”

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