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North West is Obsessed With Tarantulas & Kim Kardashian Is Not Okay

Every kid goes through different phases of random obsessions. For some children, that might mean obsessing over toy collectibles, postcards, or puppies. But for others, like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s 7-year-old daughter North West, it means creepy crawlers that parents likely don’t want around. Yup, that’s right, little Northy is obsessed with spiders. And not just any spiders: tarantulas — which she wants as a pet. Um, talk about a personal parenting nightmare. 

“Somehow North conned me into going to this pet store that was right near her school,” Kim tells Khloé on the latest episode of KUWTK. “I go up to the lady first, I go, ‘Listen, I’ll pay you 100 bucks. Just say they’re mean to kids, not good pets, they bite everyone, say whatever you gotta say. I’ll pay you.'” Seriously, it’s hard enough when your kid wants a pet that your landlord won’t allow or someone in the family is allergic to them. But a tarantula? That’s a whole new level of trying to explain to your kid why they can’t have one. 

Unfortunately, the mom of four’s plan backfired and the employee encouraged North to HOLD the tarantula and said they “make great pets.” Lest we not forget that Kardashian is petrified of spiders (see exhibit A video below). “Like, never ever ever,” Kim adds. “As long as she’s living under my roof, never going to happen,” she tells Khloé. 

“North has always had an obsession with spiders. We don’t know why,” Khloé explains on the show. “It’s just — it’s so ironic ’cause Kimberly is so afraid of them. North touches spiders, North catches spiders and I think she just wants to share her love of spiders with her mom.”

But Kim came up with a brilliant plan to diminish her daughter’s obsession. “Maybe I’ll just…I’ll be sitting there and looking at my phone and I’ll be like, ‘Oh my god did you hear the news? All these kids died at a school from tarantula bites.'”

Honestly, we wouldn’t blame her for going with this plan.

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