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Gloria Estefan’s Daughter Emily Is Mom’s Lookalike in New Red Table Talk: The Estefans

Step aside, Pinkett-Smiths, we have a new Red Table Talk family in town! Just kidding — about them stepping aside, that is. Jada Pinkett Smith has welcomed the Estefan family to create their own Red Table Talk: The Estefans series, in which three generations of Estefan women will talk about life, love, sexuality, and so much more. Gloria, 25-year-old daughter Amelia, and 53-year-old niece Lili will all star on the show, and the first teaser already proves that these women have some seriously conflicting views they’ll need to hash out. One area where they’re not so different, though? Daughter Emily is mom Gloria’s lookalike these days more than ever before, and we couldn’t believe how quickly the musician has grown up into her mom’s mini-me.

Grammy-winning Gloria may share a talent for entertaining with the musical Amelia and El Gordo y La Flaca co-host Lili, but these women each offer a unique perspective as they talk with their guests, a diversity of viewpoints Gloria is proud to share: “Three different women, three different generations. We’re loud, we’re proud, let’s go.”

But while their differences in age and opinion set them apart, it takes about half a second to know that you’re looking at three family members — and just like Jada’s Red Table Talk has shown us just how much Willow is growing up to look like her mom, The Estefans will provide a front-row seat to one of our favorite mother-daughter lookalike duos.

If Amelia dyed that hair a few shades redder, we’d barely be able to tell them apart — but we can’t wait to see just how much difference is lurking behind those super-similar faces after all.

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