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This Line From Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly’s Music Video Seems to Slam Brian Austin Green

Loud and clear, Megan! In a new music video for boo Machine Gun Kelly’s “drunk face”, Megan Fox is glued to Kelly’s side: painting his nails, laughing at his jokes, leaning in for a kiss. These two have been hot and heavy since their debut as a couple this spring, shortly after Fox announced she and husband Brian Austin Green were calling it quits. Their divorce has thus far been amicably discussed by both parties, with the vague understanding that Fox needed more freedom than was available to her in the marriage. But Fox and Kelly’s new video, with the chanted refrain of “I’m still young”, may be a pointed hint that Green’s age (47) was one factor in Fox’s need to explore something new.

Kelly’s “drunk face” shows he, Fox, and friends traveling and partying together — on a tour bus, driving side by side, drinking — and the whole song is an ode to just that, with Kelly promising “I’ll grow up next summer” and suggesting they get “high as f**k.”

But the line it’s hardest to imagine Green ignoring comes in the chorus: “I’m still young, wasting my youth,” Kelly chants again and again, often as we see him and Meghan bopping around like carefree young adults. While Fox, 34, and Kelly, 30, are similar ages, Green is over a decade older, and met Fox when she was only 18 years old (he was 30). Fifteen years later, Fox is out here with her new 30-year-old boyfriend shaking it to “I’m still young.” Maybe we’re reading way too much into it, but there’s a strong case to be made that this age gap (and the young age at which Fox met Green) played a bigger role in their split than we realized.

At any rate, Fox is getting a second shot at the young and carefree life now, and Kelly looks like the perfect partner in crime. With a movie career starting at age 15, the Transformers star probably hasn’t had many carefree days at all, and the glimpses of her and Kelly in this video are making us melt.

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