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Jennifer Lopez’s 12-Year-Old Daughter Emme Reveals Why She Prays Before Going on Stage

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Super Bowl performance in February sparked an Internet debate where some called for “parental warning” while others saw it as an important statement for Latin women. But there’s no denying that when JLo’s 12-year-old daughter Emme joined her mom on stage singing “Let’s Get Loud,” this was a show about unity and celebration.

This is why we were so excited to see the young superstar enter the spotlight again on the Today Show speaking to Hoda Kotb about her unforgettable performance and her new book. Plus, her mom and stuffed animal joined her interview for support every step of the way. 

“Was your heart in your throat?” Kotb asked Emme about the moment before she stepped on stage. “I was walking to the stage, it was scary, but when I got up there everything was fine.” Her mom reassuringly told her at the time that there is no one else on stage besides “you and the camera with the red light on it.” 

“I don’t just worry about protecting her from the spotlight, I worry about protecting her from life. The things she’s done are with mommy and they’re just small 30-second things,” the singer said before acknowledging that yes, the Super Bowl was a huge thing. “But I was there to protect her no matter what,” she added.

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Now, in addition to performing, Emme has moved on to her next big venture: writing a children’s book. In Lord Help Me, the 12-year old hopes to teach kids about the power of praying. Emme told Kotb how she prays every night, and especially before her mom goes on stage. “She can get hurt in many ways,” she said of her mom. 

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