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Kelly Ripa’s Daughter Lola Consuelos Warns That Naked Birthday Pics Aren’t Just For Moms

The stars are going all out for their birthdays this year — but of course, that looks a little different in these Covid-19 times. When GOOP founder Gwyneth Paltrow decided to celebrate turning 48 with a tasteful nude posted to Instagram, she didn’t just cause 16-year-old daughter Apple to momentarily evaporate from embarrassment. She also gave fellow celeb Kelly Ripa one heck of a good idea for how to celebrate her own upcoming birthday. With the big 5-0 right around the corner, Ripa shot her 19-year-old daughter Lola Consuelos a warning about her NSFW plans to ring in the holiday — and Lola quickly countered with a plan of her own. If Ripa wants to show off her naked body to adoring followers on her birthday, that’s fine by Lola. But she should expect her daughter to share similarly revealing pics when her own birthday comes. It’s on!

The truth is, Ripa loves few things more in this life than maintaining a slightly raunchy Instagram feed and embarrassing her teen daughter for sport — so this exchange is pretty much par for the course. After seeing how Apple had reacted to mom Gwyneth’s naked shot, Ripa forwarded the article to Lola with glee.

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Conversations with my daughter ♥️🎁🎈🎉

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“You’ve been warned,” Ripa hilariously writes — but quick-fingered Lola fires back instantly.

“Oh lord. Honey. Do u what u want,” she wrote back rapid-fire.”Just know. That I have a birthday also. And an instagram.”

Uh oh! Lola’s got all the confidence and quips of, well, Kelly Ripa, and we have no doubt that both mother and daughter could post birthday photos worthy of all the flame emojis — naked or otherwise. And while a (naked) picture may be worth a thousand words, there’s something extra-special about a mom and daughter who can talk and joke like this about it too.

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