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Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Just Shared a Rare Peek Inside Their Relationship With This Candid Video

Is it still fair to call Megan Fox and boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly a new couple? After 15 years of watching Fox and ex Brian Austin Green’s on-again off-again romance, we’re still adjusting to Fox and Kelly’s coupled-up bliss, but it’s clear that things are going smoothly for this couple months down the road. As Green appears to get back into the dating scene, some backlash around Fox “flaunting” her new boo has cooled, and the couple finally seems comfortable enough again to share another rare peek at their time together. This time, they’re on a low-key drive when the song that brought them together, Kelly’s “Bloody Valentine”, starts playing on the radio, and they share a sweet, candid moment of celebration.

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Kelly shared this look inside their relationship on Instagram with a caption explaining the moment: “just heard “bloody valentine” on the radio for the first time!!! #TicketsToMyDownfall drops in 8 days 😬😬.”

In the clip, Kelly sings along while Fox dances in the passenger’s seat, throwing up peace signs when he turns the camera over to her. Kelly also tagged the picture “Love Story,” because, duh, this song is their love story! (Kelly and Fox technically met while filming indie movie Midnight in the Switchgrass back in March, but it’s safe to say filming this music video brought them a lot closer together.)

Truth be told, we’re impressed with how Fox, Kelly, and Green have pulled this whole thing off, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Separations are never easy, but this peek inside Fox and Kelly’s blossoming romance is giving us a major soft spot for the duo, and we hope things are as peaceful as they appear.

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