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Chrissy Teigen Just (Accidentally!) Revealed Whether She’s Having a Boy or a Girl

So there will be no dramatic “gender” reveal for pregnant Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Instead, the Cravings author took to her Instagram Stories and shared the boy-or-girl news in the most Chrissy-Teigen way possible: by accident. In an honest, unscripted (okay, we’re assuming) moment, the soon-to-be-mama-of-three, snuggled up in the coziest-looking blanket ever, got real about why she’s on bed rest and how much her placenta “sucks” before having an “oops!” moment. And friends, it turns out Luna and Miles are getting a brother! Yep, Chrissy Teigen is having a baby boy.

“It’s so weird,” she said, explaining her history of placenta problems with her previous pregnancies and the reason why she’s currently on bed rest, “because the baby’s really, really healthy, and, he’s big! He’s probably get—oops!” Here Teigen claps her hand over her mouth, realizing what she’s done, before adding “I’m stupid” and continuing on.

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Chrissy Teigen/Instagram.

On her Instagram feed, Teigen also shared a snippet of the video from her stories, and eagle-eared fans of course picked up on the blunder. “Awww did you say “he’s”??? Congrats mama!!!! 💙💙💙” one fan wrote. Celebrity stylist Karla Welch simply wrote, “HE!!!!” 

If you’ve followed Teigen’s previous two pregnancies, you know that she and Legend did in vitro fertilization (IVF), and she was open about the fact that they had one male embryo left before she ever became pregnant with Miles. So while that news was a surprise to her fans, it wasn’t to the couple. But Teigen has been super-open about the fact that this pregnancy was a happy surprise (in fact, she was unknowingly pregnant when she had her breast implants removed). And having known the sex of her last baby, it seems she and Legend were eager to know this time around, as well — and now we do, too!

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