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Denzel Washington’s Son John David Hopes to Follow in His Dad’s Footsteps

Stars… they’re just like the rest of us! Okay, maybe not in most ways. But Tenet star John David Washington is in awe of Denzel Washington’s iconic film career and, let’s be real, who among us isn’t it? The big difference, of course, is that Denzel is John David’s dad. Granted, the second-generation actor is building an impressive screen resume of his own — Netflix just bought Malcolm & Marie, in which he stars alongside Zendaya, for a cool $30 million. If you ask him, though, the greatest example of success is the one set by his dad.

Speaking to People magazine for this week’s issue, John David couldn’t help gushing about Denzel’s approach to acting. “I think the best actor in the industry, in the business, is my father. I’m inspired by the kind of career he’s had and what he’s had to do,” John David said. “Again, he’s been on the frontline for many years and what he’s done with it, with his opportunities, I just am so inspired and continue to be inspired by what he does and how he works and his approach to the craft and the business.”

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For the record, John David’s other hero is close to home, too. Speaking of his mom, he said, “Pauletta Washington gives me inspiration. That’s my mother, the most consistent person in my life.”

This is all the sweetest, right? John David’s words are made even more meaningful by the fact he holed up with his parents during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. While being cooped up as an adult with your parents might make some people crazy, it clearly didn’t diminish the love John David feels for Pauletta and Denzel.

Speaking to longtime family friend and Jimmy Kimmel Live guest-host Samuel L. Jackson last week, John David gave a glimpse into life under the same roof as his legendary dad. “I was in my old room,” he told Jackson, laughing when asked about chores. “I can’t believe we’re doing this right now. There was a chore or two. My chore was to make sure I’m down for dinner in time.”

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