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Katy Perry’s Stalker Made Death Threats Against Orlando Bloom Before Trying to Get Inside Their Home

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have had a wild few months, from pandemic pregnancy to welcoming baby girl Daisy Dove Bloom. But while being pregnant amid COVID admittedly sparked the “Roar” singer’s anxiety, nothing could have prepared her for the fear she would feel in the weeks following Daisy’s birth, as a new postpartum threat loomed. In the process of filing a restraining order against the trespassing individual, Perry revealed that a stalker known to make death threats to fiancé Bloom was found on their property at their Los Angeles home, and has made several attempts to gain entry. This would be terrifying no matter what — but with a new baby at home, we can’t even imagine her distress for her child.

While Perry’s maintained her signature honesty about the mental health toll of being pregnant in these crazy times, she’s also celebrated the release of new album Smile, a project she said makes her feel empowered amid the overwhelming changes happening both to and around her. But in court documents obtained by E! News in which Perry requests a protective order, it’s clear that she and Bloom aren’t taking this threat lightly.

In the documents, Perry refers to the intruder as a “complete stranger” who “trespassed on my property, is stalking me, and who threatened my family.” She describes further trespasses this man, identified as William Terry, has made against her and her family.

“In addition to his attempts to make physical entry to my home. Terry has also posted death threats against my partner Orlando Bloom, stating that he wants to snap his neck,” Perry wrote. “Terry is a dangerous man and we are in need of an order of protection that prohibits him from coming into proximity of me, my partner, our children, our home, or any place we occupy.”

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A judge has granted Perry’s request for a protective order against Terry, who must now stay 100 feet away from the singer, Bloom, Bloom’s son Flynn, and their newborn Daisy. Terry is also prohibited from otherwise contacting the singer, including through social media.

Perry writes that she “suffered significant and severe emotional and psychological distress” due to this man’s actions, and we don’t doubt it. With so many threats swirling around us, the last thing anyone needs is yet another problem knocking at their door. Luckily, we’re sure Perry and Bloom have the resources to double down on security — it’s just a shame that they may be forced to.

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