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Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Her Smoking Hot 50th Birthday Body in These Bikini Photos

Taraji P. Henson is an inspiration every time she walks into a room (or, more accurate to our experience, every time we scroll past her on Instagram or watch her on TV). Not only is the Empire star a stone-cold fox, but she has confidence through the roof that sends us half-cowering and half-begging her to teach us her ways. Today, Henson decided to put to bed the idea that she’s slowing down as she gets older, celebrating her 50th birthday with a series of sexy thong bikini photos posing on a yacht, because of course that’s how she spent her birthday. Obviously, Henson has a smoking hot body and she’s not afraid to show it off. It’s just a bonus that every diva pose she strikes feels like another act of defiance against anyone who might tell women over 40 to cover up.

Henson appeared to be on this massive boat for her 50th birthday along with a group of friends, and either a professional photographer or an Instagram boyfriend whose number we’d like to collect immediately. Henson captioned the post, “Go off shawty it’s ya BIRFDAY,” just in case anyone was unclear on the vibe of this post: pure, unadulterated self-admiration.

The Hidden Figures star couldn’t have looked happier or more confident as she showed off her angles, and it’s so not hard to see why. In a society that has told us for way too long that women should disappear as they get older, here’s to Henson showing off more than ever.

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