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Katy Perry Gushes Over Taylor Swift’s Personalized (& Precious) Gift for Baby Daisy

There was a point in time when the only headlines surrounding Katy Perry and Taylor Swift involved feuding — a rift allegedly formed all the way back in 2014 over backup dancers. But Perry’s latest social media post about her former frenemy goes to show that the women have fully put any past tension behind them. In fact, the sweet tribute shared by Perry suggests Swift might just wind up being an honorary “auntie” to Perry’s new daughter with Orlando Bloom, little Miss Daisy Dove.

Since welcoming Daisy Dove on Aug. 26, Perry has been giving fans glimpses of the gifts sent by famous friends in celebration of the new addition. And while we thought the massive all-white flower arrangement Beyonce sent was beautiful, Swift’s gift has to be our new favorite. Taking to Instagram early on Monday, Perry shared two photos of a sweet pink-silk baby blanket. Laying atop the blankie in the first picture? An envelope with a hand-written note from Swift to “Katy and Orlando (and little one).” Although Perry purposely kept most of the note obscured by the envelope, it’s easy to see that it starts with Swift sharing that her most prized possession when she was a baby was a tiny silk blanket.

In the second photo, Perry zoomed in on the charming hand-embroidered details of the blankie: a flower, and the words “Baby Bloom.” Not surprisingly, the highly personal gift moved the new mama. “Miss [Daisy Dove] adores her hand-embroidered blankie from miss @taylorswift,” gushed Perry. “Hope it’s one she drags around for years till it becomes an unrecognizable shred that she keeps in her pocket as a teenager.”

Our hearts! Isn’t it so refreshing to see women supporting and lifting each other up? Swift is sure to be an empowering presence in baby Daisy’s life.

Perry ended the years-long tension between the two singers by sending a note of her own — an apology and olive branch. Earlier this year, she spoke on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show about how happy she was that they’d been able to move on. “Gossip and lies, they take the elevator. But the truth takes the stairs, and it takes time,” Perry said. “What I’m so grateful for is that we did get to make up and we made up publicly, and we got to be an example of redemption for young girls.”

She added, “Now, we’re super friendly, and I’ve always wanted the best for her and we can talk about the best we want for each other.”

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