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Candace Cameron Bure Will Not Apologize for This Picture of Her Husband Touching Her Boob

Candace Cameron Bure, AKA Fuller House‘s D.J. Tanner, has a huge fan base filled with people from different backgrounds and religious beliefs — which tends to happen when you play a beloved character on a hit sit-com for years and years like Bure. But the outspoken Bure’s more conservative fan base had quite the surprise coming their way when the actress shared some PDA snaps of her and husband Valeri on Instagram, including a photo of her husband touching her breast. Some fans didn’t think that was so appropriate for the mom’s page — but if they were expecting an apology, we’d suggest they don’t hold their breath. Bure has exactly zero regrets about the hot pic with her hubby: “He can touch me anytime he wants,” she says to fans. “I hope he does.” Go off, Candace!

Bure’s scandalous snap (with her husband of 24 years) was posted to her Instagram story in keeping with her sharing intimate details of her home life — but clearly, some viewers thought she crossed a line. In a follow-up video, this mom of three set them straight about their judgmental comments.

“For all you Christians that are questioning my post with my husband’s hand on my boob, my husband of 24 years, thinking it was inappropriate, it makes me laugh because it’s my husband,” Bure clarified. “We have so much fun together. He can touch me anytime he wants and I hope he does. This is what a healthy, good marriage and relationship is all about so I’m sorry if it offended you.”

Well…she may have thought better of that last remark: “I’m actually not sorry,” she added.

Honestly, we can’t imagine what she has to be sorry for. A little boob-touching between spouses never hurt anybody, on-camera or otherwise. Carry on!

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