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Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Open Up About Filming New Projects Plus the Special ‘Outlander’ Music Episode

While on a break from Outlander, Caitríona Balfe, Sam Heughan, and the rest of the cast have been keeping busy filming other projects — but don’t worry, they’re all looking forward to season 6. Last week it was announced that Balfe had optioned the film rights to a new book, Here is the Beehive. And this week, she confirmed on Twitter, that she and Jamie Dornan are filming a new movie, in which they are playing Kenneth Branagh’s parents in a new movie, Belfast.

Besides absolute joy, Outlander fans had one thing to say, “Wrong Jamie. But, we’ll take it!”


And how did Outlander fans really react? The more Balfe, the better is what they said. Twitter fan @TinyTunney said, “When I heard you’d be… in the same project as Dame Judi, I FLIPPED!” That’s right Dame Judi Dench stars alongside Balfe.

The Outlander cast also weighed in on the news. Sam Heughan, Steven Cree, and Tim Downie were blown away by the amazing cast.

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What we know about Caitríona Balfe’s new movie with Jamie Dornan

Balfe’s new movie with Dornan, Belfast is being directed by Kenneth Branagh and is loosely based on his life. Alternate title suggestion: 50 Shades of We’re Really Attractive Irish People. Sidebar: Although Dornan is known for that little shades movie, his work in The Fall is must watch. It’s chilling and scary. And you will not be able to stop watching. But it’s only 3 seasons, so you will have to stop watching eventually.

If Outlander and 50 Shades of Grey had a crossover, it would probably be, 50 Shades of Lord John Grey, amirite?

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Image: Giphy/Starz

Oooh, another movie idea for Balfe could be Between Two Jamies — think about it… it could work. She’d be like Zach Galifianakis. Balfianakis… no? Too far? Ok. She’d sit between Jamie Dornan and Sam Heughan and they could debate who’s the better Jamie. A simple hit show idea, you’re welcome. 

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Image: Starz

Sam Heughan’s new show & new book

So while Balfe is filming with a guy named Jamie that is not Sam Heughan, Heughan himself is filming with someone who’s not Claire. So they’re even. Heughan and former Outlander co-star Graham McTavish have been traveling around Scotland filming Men in Kilts. And Heughan seems to be lying down on the job. He actually is. Here’s proof.

Heughan’s been dropping lots of pictures on Instagram during filming. It’s sort of a photo series that could be called, “Sam Heughan wears a hat or a turtleneck and looks wistfully out at the ocean.” But we’re here for it. Go see for yourself.

And that’s not all Heughan’s working on. His book with McTavish, “Clanlands” releases soon and apparently he’s been hard at work on the book covers. When Heughan joked he was coloring each cover himself, Balfe made sure to tell him, hers better be perfect. Is she throwing some playful shade at his “colouring skills?” (Yes, I spelled that the British way). First a new Jamie, now this? But, we’re okay with it because she proved in a charity effort earlier this year, she can actually draw.

Outlander summer series episode 3: the music of Outlander

The third episode of the Outlander summer series, that’s helping fans get through “Droughtlander,” dropped today, and it was a special Outlander music episode. Now don’t get too excited, Jamie and Claire didn’t go all Sound of Music and perform an episode of Outlander (though, that is an idea for the future episode that no one would complain about).

The show’s iconic music producer Bear McCreary sang like a bird and told all of his musical secrets for the last 5 years of Outlander. He was joined by Raya Yarbrough who sings the show’s theme song, and Maria Doyle Kennedy, who plays Aunt Jocasta. McCreary revealed that Outlander creator, Ron D. Moore, gave him his first composer job on Battlestar Galactica. As for how he then went on to compose the music for Outlander, McCreary reveals when Moore told him about the project he told him he was thankful someone was writing about the Jacobite uprising. Moore was surprised that he not only had heard about that part of history but that he knew the music from that time period as well. So he pretty much got the job, before it was even offered to him.

The music of Outlander is about Jamie & Claire

McCreary revealed that the music on Outlander must convey a variety of emotions, from “heartbreak, to comedy, to romance, “ and more. And bagpipes are his favorite instrument. The show’s score has to re-invent itself each season, with each time and place. And the bagpipes are Jamie and Claire no matter what the season. In fact, McCreary says, “The music of Outlander is Jamie and Claire.”

And what was McCreary’s favorite musical moment in Season 5? Jamie putting on the kilt in the premiere episode, “The Fiery Cross.” McCreary loved how it showed Jamie transforming back into the man he was 20 years ago. And if the music sounded familiar, it’s because McCreary intentionally used the Scottish war song from season 2. Heughan is pictured below in this iconic kilt moment. (Real talk, doesn’t this also look like how Jamie Fraser would look on school picture day?)

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Sam Heughan/Image: Aimee Spinks/Starz.

“Sing me a song of a lass that is gone….”

The most shocking fact that McCreary revealed was that the original lyrics of the show’s theme song are not about Claire! Omg. Sit down. The original opening lyric is, “Sing me a song of a lad that is gone!” It’s about a lad, not a lass! And which lad? Get ready for it. Mark me, it will shock you. Bonnie Prince Charles. Remember that wackadoo from season 2? Bonnie Prince Charlie! It him! Go ahead sing the song with “a lad that is gone” and picture him. Let’s be honest, if it was really about him, it would be “Mark me, I am gone.” That character said “Mark me,” no less than 52 times an episode. It’s true. Mark me. Go re-watch season 2 and count.

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Image: Starz

Can some fan please make a new Outlander opening with Mister “Mark Me” himself running like Claire. Twitter fan @clairress recently re-made “The Reckoning” scene, except it’s with Tim Downie and David Berry playing Jamie and Claire, from their podcast, in which Balfe directed them in this scene. So the talent is out there. We’ll wait patiently for the new opening.


 I have no idea which Pinterest genius made this. But here you go. A gift. Mark me.

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Image: Pinterest

The Outlander musical needs to happen

 So Maria Doyle Kennedy can sing better than all of us. And the reason for that is because music is, “a bit like breathing” to her. She defines herself as a “singer who does a bit of acting.” She sings the song that Jocasta sang at Murtagh’s funeral, which was about the battle of Culloden. It’s hauntingly beautiful. And she somehow sounds good on Zoom, which is not an easy task. Sidebar: Kennedy did not explain the two figures behind her, and maybe she never will, and it will be one of life’s greatest mysteries.

Okay, so after watching this episode, can everyone in the Outlander cast sing amazingly well?! Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin sang in episode 8. Balfe sang “Happy Birthday” in episode 7, and also released this behind the scenes song about Jamie’s tiny Santa glasses. David Berry (Lord John Grey) is a singer. And Maria Doyle Kennedy is a singing angel. Jocasta be kidding me, Outlander! Give us a musical episode for real. Oh wait, Sam Heughan might not sing. (Skelton told us this back in May). That’s fine, it can be an episode where Jamie loses his voice, and everyone must sing to make him feel better. Totally believable. Or Raya Yarbrough can be Jamie’s inner singing voice. “Sing me a song, of a lad’s voice that’s gone!”

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Maria Doyle Kennedy/Image: Mark Mainz/Starz

Bonus deleted scene with Marsali and Fergus

This special episode concluded with a deleted scene preview that found Marsali (Lauren Lyle) and Fergus (Cesar Domboy) having what might be the beginning of a small, tiny, marital spat as they walk through the woods. Fergus and Marsali are heading to Roger and Brianna’s with some rabbit stew to apologize for Marsali offending Roger. Oopsie. Nothing says, “I’m sorry,” better than some stewed rabbit. Marsali suggests that Fergus ask Roger about the loft. And Fergus tells her she should ask him. And Marsali responds, “I don’t know how to talk about wood!” A great line, that should never have been deleted. (If I were really immature, I would say, “You have many chidren Marsali, you know about wood). But I’m too mature to say that.

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Cesar Domboy, Lauren Lyle/Image: Jason Bell/Starz

Coming up: Outlander summer series finale with Sam Heughan and Caitríona Balfe

Next Sunday, September 13th, Balfe and Heughan will close out the special summer series with a one-on-one chat, all leading up to the Season 5 DVD release on September 15th, which will include all the deleted bonus scenes, bloopers, and more. You can pre-order it here.

You can check out the whole special music episode, which included some amazing scenes from the show, on Outlander Starz’s official Facebook page here.

Thanks to the cast, this “Droughtlander” has been lit. Even though the summer series wraps next week, we have no doubt the cast will provide more entertainment, and Season 6 is getting closer to being back in production – which means behind the scenes videos are likely to drop. And, of course, we will always hold out hope for Skelton’s Outlander musical idea.

Before you go, click here to see the all-time best Outlander episodes you’ll want to re-watch. 

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