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Cindy Crawford’s Son Presley Gerber Has Been Getting Family Help Since That Worrying Face Tattoo

Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber have two beautiful model kids, daughter Kaia and son Presley Gerber, and they’ve always been a tight-knit family. But 21-year-old Presley raised some red flags for his parents earlier this year when he revealed a new face tattoo that said “misunderstood,” a little over a year after a DUI incident that understandably also left his parents concerned. But while Presley’s friends insisted at the time that his parents were simply — wait for it — misunderstanding the young adult, it now seems that family time at home during lockdown has been good for their son. A new source says Presley is doing much better, and that his parents rushed to get him help they felt he needed over the summer.

According to this source, lockdown may have been a blessing in disguise for Presley, whose quiet time at home with friends and family helped refocus the model.

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“He is doing better. His family was really focused on getting him the help he needed,” the source told Us Weekly. “Being able to spend so much time with close friends and family during the quarantine has been beneficial for him. He’s been able to get his act together more.”

According to an E! News source earlier this year, Cindy and Rande have been quietly trying to get their son help since at least 2018 — and lockdown may have provided just the opportunity they needed to get face time with their son and really see what he needed.

As parents have said all along, the silver lining of this pandemic is the time with kids some families would otherwise never get. And it sounds like it came at exactly the right time for the Crawford-Gerber home.

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