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Salma Hayek Embraces Her 54th Birthday in a Gorgeous Yellow Cut-Out Swimsuit

It doesn’t exactly come as much of a surprise, but 54 looks damn good on Salma Hayek! The naturally stunning star celebrated her birthday on Wednesday and, in classic Hayek fashion, she welcomed the special occasion wearing a swimsuit. While 2020 has proven to be the year of the swimsuit selfie for Hayek, we’ve gotta admit we’re pretty partial to the vibrant yellow cut-out style she chose to herald her 54th year.

The birthday girl took to Instagram on Wednesday to share two photos. In the first, she smiles with her arms stretched up above her. She pairs her bright yellow swimsuit and matching skirt with gold jewelry and a contrasting red lip. The second photo, a close-up, shows Hayek leaning against a white stucco wall in a stairwell. Both snapshots were taken in Greece, where Hayek is currently vacationing with husband François-Henri Pinault and their 12-year-old daughter Valentina.

“I am very grateful and proud for every single one of my 54 years,” she wrote, repeating the message in Spanish. “Thank you for all the birthday wishes, especially to my fans who made a special account for my birthday. What a gift!” It’s easy to see why Hayek was moved by the gesture, too. Her fans created an Instagram handle devoted entirely to the day of Hayek’s birthday, and then they filled it with personal messages of gratitude and love.

Hayek’s birthday style may be turning heads, but her birthday attitude is just as commanding. She definitely doesn’t seem to dread the passage of time, a trap too many of us fall into. In fact, she was so looking forward to her birthday that she started celebrating a day early.

“Guess who’s turning 54 tomorrow? By the way, this is not a Throwback Thursday,” she wrote on Instagram Tuesday, referring to a photo of herself posing in a skintight black halter-top swimsuit and sheer sarong with Grecian vistas in the background.

Happy 54th birthday to this confident, exuberant, swimsuit-rocking queen!

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