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Brad Pitt’s New Model Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski May Be in an Open Marriage

Well well well. In the hours after 27-year-old Nicole Poturalski made her unofficial debut as Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend, our minds went immediately to ex-wife Angelina Jolie and their ongoing custody issues, which are typically not improved by one former spouse jetting off to the South of France with a model 30 years his junior. But it turns out our minds may have been on the wrong marriage all along, as new sources say Poturalski is still very much married to restaurateur Roland Mary, the father of their shared son Emil. Don’t worry, there’s no scandal here, or at least not the kind you’re thinking. These sources claim that Mary, who also happens to be an old friend of Pitt’s, is perfectly all right with Poturalski’s new relationship given the terms of their open marriage. Someone get Jada Pinkett on the phone, because we’re going to need a Red Table Talk on this ASAP.

New sources claim that Mary isn’t just open about his wife seeing other people, but may in fact have been the one to introduce Poturalski and Pitt. “Brad Pitt has been coming to [Mary’s restaurant] Borchardt for years. He knows Roland and Nicole was at the restaurant when he came to celebrate his new film,” a source told MailOnline. “Brad was introduced to Roland’s wife Nicole and she passed him her number.”

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“They are still married but you could describe their relationship as an ‘open marriage,'” the source continued, adding: “Roland is a very philosophical guy. He has been married several times and has five children. He is not interested in negativity or jealousy.”

It sounds like Mary is a complicated fellow all around, and he gave a resounding “no comment” when approached about the situation by MailOnline. The truth is, the news changes almost nothing — Pitt and Poturalski are still two consenting adults who are, by this current version of events, not engaging in any kind of infidelity with their relationship. But if Poturalski’s family does still include Mary, Emil, and his four kids from previous marriages, the Jolie-Pitts may be in for one hell of a family reunion.

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