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Tim McGraw’s New Music Video Is Full of Nostalgic Family Footage of Faith Hill & Their Girls

Are you ready to have your heartstrings tugged? You better get ready, because Tim McGraw just dropped a mini-music video for his new track “Gravy,” and it’ll have you feeling all the feels on this fine day. The fact that McGraw sneaks in throwback home footage of his wife Faith Hill and their three daughters just makes the teaser reel that much more poignant.

Over the last week, McGraw has been generating quite a bit of buzz over his new album, Here on Earth. And, really, with tracks like “Gravy,” it’s little wonder. An official lyric video for the song dropped on YouTube on Aug. 21, but it wasn’t until yesterday that McGraw gave the lyrics even more impact through a montage of nostalgic home videos and photos. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, he wrote, “If you ask me, I got it made… moments like this are what make life worthwhile. Thank you for diving into these songs with us. #Gravy is a special track and I’m so glad it made the record.”

Those “moments” McGraw is referring to include several flashbacks to the days when daughters Gracie, Maggie and Audrey were growing up. In one scene from the montage, a photo from a set shows five director’s chairs: two large ones with Hill and McGraw’s names flanked by three tiny ones with the girls’ names.

In another scene, McGraw goofs off with one of the girls at a ball game. And when the song hits the chorus “If I can hug my kids and kiss my wife,” a flashback photo of McGraw embracing Hill pops onto the screen.

Watching the sweet montage, it becomes apparent pretty quickly that not all of the family photos and videos came from McGraw’s household. McGraw has incorporated home videos from other families — intimate moments that are funny, tender and heartwarming — throughout the “Gravy” teaser vid.

While every album he makes is surely special to McGraw, Here on Earth feels more personal than most. Not just to him, either. The night before the album’s release, Hill shared an adorable home video of the couple dancing on their patio. In the caption, she explained that evening marked the first time they’d previewed an album entirely with just their girls present.

Basically, we’re going to have to start referring to Tim McGraw as Tim McTearjerker before long. But hey, we’ll take happy tears any day (especially in 2020).

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