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Cindy Crawford & Claudia Schiffer’s Daughters Are Their Lookalikes in This ’90s Throwback Photo

Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer have been friends for ages, so it’s little wonder that Crawford devoted an entire Instagram post to her pal’s 50th birthday on Tuesday. But as sweet as the message Crawford sent Schiffer was, the accompanying photo proved to be the real gift. A throwback of the women during their circa ‘90s supermodel heyday, it’s basically like looking at a photo of the model-moms’ teenage daughters, Clementine Poppy de Vere Drummond and Kaia Gerber.

Crawford took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to throw it back to the pair’s early modeling years. “Sending birthday love to you today @claudiaschiffer,” she wrote. In the photo attached to the birthday wish, a young Schiffer grins ear-to-ear as Crawford smiles and points at someone out of frame. They look like babies! To be precise, their own babies. Schiffer’s daughter de Vere Drummond is 15 this year, and Crawford’s Gerber is 18.

Guess supermodel genes run strong, eh? Aside from just their surface similarities, both daughters might end up retracing their moms’ famous catwalk steps right into supermodel-stardom. Gerber is already taking after her famous mom, having emerged in the last few years as a fashion and runway darling. As for de Vere Drummond, she isn’t modeling yet — but that’s not to say she won’t. Schiffer told German outlet Bild, “If she really wants to do it, I would support her because I only had positive experiences.”

Plus, de Vere Drummond already has a bit of a sartorial edge: her mom’s closet. “I have an extensive archive wardrobe that I have kept over the past 30 years,” Schiffer told InStyle in 2019. “I’ve kept everything, really, for my daughters to wear one day. [Clementine] has already started with the ‘90s section!”

Still, Schiffer understands that her children entering the modeling world comes with an inherent amount of pressure — which is perhaps something she’s been seeing in person watching Crawford’s kids in the spotlight. “Having me as their mum is a double-edged sword when it comes to modeling: It may get them through the door, but they will be under far more scrutiny on the other side,” she explained.

Ultimately, the model-mom-of-three (she also has older son Caspar Matthew and younger daughter Cosima Violet) would be cool with de Vere Drummond modeling once she hits 17. “I will encourage whatever they want to do, as long as they try their best and work hard at it,” she said, adding, “I would help her find the right agent. But I would prefer that she wouldn’t start too young.”

Hey, 17 is only a few years away now! How fun would it be if de Vere Drummond and Gerber did a fashion campaign together and really brought this throwback photo to life?

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