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Inside Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Home Life With Their 3 Adorable Daughters

If you were asked to sit down and make a list of celebrity parents you wish were in your social circle, let’s be real — Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would be at the top, right? They’re funny, they’re loyal, they’re loving. Even prior to becoming parents, they were the kind of people you wanted in your orbit. That sentiment has only grown exponentially since they’ve added three incredibly cool tiny humans to the planet: daughters James, 5, Inez, 3, and their as-of-yet-unnamed (but maybe Betty?) third child who’ll turn one this fall.

Granted, we don’t get too many glimpses of Lively and Reynolds’ little girls. The couple is notoriously private about their home life and, hey, that’s understandable. As famous as they both are, we can only imagine how difficult it must be to shield their daughters from the glare of the public spotlight. The fact that they can just makes us like them even more! Plus, fans like us are fortunate in the fact that both Lively and Reynolds frequently share stories about time with their daughters. So, while we don’t catch sight of the kiddos very often, we still get to feel like we sort of know them.

As Lively turns 33 (happy birthday, Blake!), we’re looking back on the best family moments this eternally cool couple has shared — from personal outings documented on Instagram to cute candids captured on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and more. Keep reading to see some seriously cute photos of the Lively-Reynolds crew.

A perfect pick

If this isn’t classic Lively and Reynolds, we don’t know what is.

Ready to pop

Shortly after welcoming their third daughter, Lively did fans a solid by sharing her favorite baby registry items. And because she’s the best, the registry was attached to a child rescue organization group.

Gender reveal party (of three)

It was exciting enough just to see a snapshot of Lively and Reynolds with their third bubelah. But in the process of sharing it, they also inadvertently confirmed they are the proud parents of three daughters!

First public family outing

Lazy loaded image
Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively/ Image: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Sipa USA. Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Sipa USA.

The couple who has typically kept their kids out of the spotlight brought their little ones’ James and Inez to dad Reynold’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony back in 2016 and we’re on cuteness overload.

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