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Jaime King’s Message About Being a Working Mom Is So Real It Hurts

One of the most difficult parts of being a mother takes place in the in-between — the moments when you aren’t with your kids. Just ask mama-of-two Jaime King, whose latest Instagram post is a heartbreakingly honest glimpse at being stuck in a cycle of goodbyes with the little humans you love most. And if her message doesn’t break your heart entirely, the sweet photos of her sons James Knight, 6 ½, and Leo Thames, 5, surely will.

King opened up about her working-mom struggle on Instagram over the weekend, sharing a trio of snapshots showing herself tenderly sending off her boys. “It’s the hardest thing in the world to say goodbye as a working mother,” she wrote. “One day, I know my boys will look back and be proud. It’s all for you. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect and give you the best life filled with freedom, joy, expression, safety and happiness. Always.”

And really, what working mom can’t relate to that? For some mothers, not working simply isn’t an option. For others, the pressure to “have it all” creates a holding pattern of leaving our little ones at home in pursuit of, well, whatever else it is we’re supposed to “have.” And some of us truly love our jobs, yet feel endlessly guilty for wanting to go to work. There are as many emotions about being a working mom as there are mothers. So, yeah, King’s post resonates in a big way.

Adding an extra dimension to her situation is the fact that King filed for divorce from Barely Lethal director Kyle Newman on May 18 after 12 years of marriage. A domestic violence prevention petition and emergency child custody motion followed shortly after. King also requested a temporary restraining order against Newman, which she dropped in June.

According to Entertainment Tonight, King and Newman are now trying to maintain amicable communication for their sons’ sake. They’ll meet in court on Sept. 9 to hammer out the details of their divorce and have also been ordered by the court to participate in a “Family-Centered Resolution Conference.”

For now, like so many of us, King is just trying to keep her head above water while doing the working mom shuffle — and, in her case, the newly-single-working-mom shuffle. “It’s been a difficult time, but she’s leaning on friends,” an insider told People in May. “She’s been doing a lot of yoga and meditation.”

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