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These Reports of Jennifer Garner & Bradley Cooper’s Rumored Romance Are Seriously Getting Our Hopes Up

Years from now, will everyone remember the moment when they first became obsessed with celebrity ‘it couple’ Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper? Honestly, hopefully not, if only because their memories are filled with more important things like Black Lives Matter protests and voting like your life depends on it. But if any potential celebrity pairing were worthy of that kind of adoration, isn’t it this one? Slowly, more and more rumors of a romantic relationship between longtime friends Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper are coming out, and the picture they paint makes us so giddy it’s easy to get carried away. So, we’ll say it loud and clear: we have no hard evidence that these two are anything more than good friends who enjoy the occasional beach day and maybe used to talk on the phone a lot. But these new reports about the allegedly “perfect couple” are getting our hopes up even so.

Two sources close to Garner have recently come forward, claiming this relationship has been wonderful for her and that her natural rapport with Cooper transitioned easily into a relationship.

“They’re perfect for each other,” one source told Star, adding: “They’ve always been at ease with each other, but now it’s deeper, and they’re adorable together.”

Again, these are just words. But the source makes a really strong point: they’re super adorable together.

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Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner in ‘Alias’ (2006) Scott Garfield/ABC.

“Bradley and Jen have finally taken their years-long friendship to another level, and no one’s that surprised,” the source further claimed. They’re dating…There’s a major attraction. They’re hugely excited.”

Another rumor of Garner and Cooper’s closeness comes from Woman’s Day New Zealandto whom a source claimed that Cooper was the first person Garner had truly opened up to about her divorce from ex Ben Affleck.

“He was the first guy she really opened up to. It has been hell for her losing Ben — the father of her three children — when she worked so hard on that marriage,” the source alleged. “Being able to unload all of this to Bradley has made her feel better. Jennifer is giddy with excitement. Bradley’s the ultimate gentleman and obviously is only getting better looking with age.”

Again, sources making great points right and left here. Cooper does, unfairly, seem to be getting better looking with age, and Affleck is indeed the father of Garner’s three children (Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, by the way). But beyond that, we simply can’t speak to the accuracy of these claims. We can only reiterate how true they are in our hearts, and hope Garner pulls a Halle Berry and throws us a cryptic photo of Cooper’s feet in days to come.

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