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Kelly Ripa’s Teen Daughter Lola Reacts to *Those* Nearly-Naked Pics of Dad Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa has always been down to learn from the teens, none more so than her very own teenage daughter Lola Consuelos. Over these months of lockdown, Ripa has confessed to “borrowing” Lola’s clothes and makeup and begging her daughter for social media tips, and the 19-year-old has finally relented. In a new mother-daughter video, Lola takes on her mom’s Instagram feed, where Ripa has a habit of posting some seriously NSFW thirst traps of a nearly-naked Mark Consuelos. But surprisingly, these photos weren’t Lola’s biggest complaint.

The Ripa-Consuelos family gave People a peek inside their home life and relationships, and Ripa took to Instagram to share one of her favorite clips from an accompanying video with daughter Lola. Ripa’s savvy teen is ready to talk some sense into mom — who’s shocked that Lola’s most frequent complaint is about her clapbacks.

“The one thing I learned about social media from my daughter is apparently I should not clap back,” Ripa says (Lola nods in approval). “But I thought you were going to say I shouldn’t post thirst trap pictures of your dad.”

Lola is quick to state, for the record, that she does strongly object to those posts from her mom too.

“That’s disgusting. I had to block that out of my mind,” she says. “I forgot that you even did that. I don’t even know if I follow you on Instagram still.”

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“She unfollowed me. She unfollowed and blocked me,” Ripa sighs. “It’s okay, it’s fine.”

Lola swears it was a joke and she “would never” — but honestly, we might not be that gracious! Not that we want to discourage Ripa from posting thirst traps…we just think his daughter should have the option of putting those posts on mute.

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