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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Lifeline Is Her #MomSquad & It Includes Kylie Jenner

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is many things: an actress, an entrepreneur, a makeup obsessive, a former Victoria’s Secret model. But when she’s around a fellow mom like Kylie Jenner, she immediately melts down to the role that consumes her mind most these days: mom to 3-year-old Jack, the son she shares with fiancé Jason Statham. Huntington-Whiteley chatted with SheKnows after sharing an exclusive look at her new Quibi show About Face, a behind-the-scenes exploration of the fierce female businesswomen behind today’s most successful beauty brands. We couldn’t help but notice that Huntington-Whiteley’s convo with Kylie, one of her guests, veers off into Stormi territory…and the model admitted that “mom talk” like that is pretty much her lifeline.

Huntington-Whiteley’s conversation with Kylie on About Face covers all the juicy beauty empire details you’d expect — like how it felt to land that Forbes cover, or how she convinced her mom to take her seriously when pitching a makeup line at age 16. But unexpectedly, Huntington-Whiteley also asked the question we find ourselves wondering whenever we meet a fellow mom: How do you do it? How do you balance it all?

“We’ve both got children the same sort of age so we talk about mom stuff,” Huntington-Whiteley tells me with a laugh, clarifying that Stormi is just a few months younger than Jack. When I ask her first impression of Kylie, Huntington-Whiteley says they’ve met many times before collaborating on About Face, and always get drawn into talking about the same thing since their kids were born.

“It’s mom stuff! I feel like you talk about things that you’ve been up to lately, any advice or products that you’ve been using and loving, and how she sort of manages it,” she explains. I’m not sure what the English term is, but British Huntington-Whiteley seems to be describing a Mom Squad, AKA the lifesaving mom friends you turn to whenever parenting throws you for a loop (so, always).

“I’m always fascinated to learn how working moms juggle it all. How all moms juggle it all. Because it’s a juggling act whether you’re working or not,” Huntington-Whiteley continues. “I personally always leave conversations with other mothers feeling that I learned something or feeling inspired or comforted by their advice or opinions on things and I certainly hope other mothers leave conversations with me feeling the same.”

As a parent, mom friends are one of the most valuable resources you can have, and we’re not surprised Kylie and Huntington-Whiteley can’t stop themselves from getting down to mom talk whenever their paths cross. So, we were all ears when Kylie gave an honest answer about how she balances work and family.

The truth? As usual, things are never as balanced as they seem. Kylie admitted that weeks go by where she knows she’s not around enough, and all she can do is compensate in the other direction, taking time away for just her and Stormi. Huntington-Whiteley insists there’s no one way to find a balance, but her strategies are similar.

“It’s organization at the end of the day, sitting down, organizing your calendar, making sure everything’s balanced, that you feel good about where things are,” the model begins. “And also, sometimes things aren’t balanced. Sometimes you have to get on with a really busy week. And so then you need to take the weekend and be completely dedicated to family life. And then there’s other weeks where you’re like, ‘I’m out. I’m going to go spend a week with my family.'”

Basically, accept that things won’t always be as you want them, and try to make it up as you go. Once again, I’m leaving a conversation with a mom feeling wiser and calmer for it — and Huntington-Whiteley doesn’t stop there. Her final bit of golden mom advice? Overnight masks. “[That way], I’m multitasking even when I sleep in,” she explains. And what mom doesn’t need that?

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