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Thomas Rhett’s Fishing #FAIL Photos Will Make You Laugh and Wince

We’ve always said Thomas Rhett is a total catch, but the “Be a Light” singer took that idea a bit too literally during his family’s recent Colorado vacation. A series of snapshots shared by Rhett reveals that — in addition to snagging a few fish — the country superstar reeled in a really big prize. Yep, you guessed it: himself!

Rhett took to Instagram on Wednesday to share his misadventures in fishing with his fans. And, well, the first few photos in the series he posted seem promising enough. In one, he casts a line in front of the majestic backdrop of Colorado scenery. In another, he shows off one of the fish he pulled from the river. The third? A cute photo opp with his wife, Lauren Akins. But the last photo in the series highlights the moment his fishing trip went awry.

“The day started great! Then I hooked myself in the back of the leg. Had to push it out the other side, cut the barb off, then pull it back through,” he wrote of the fishing fail. The entire ordeal sounds super painful but, let’s be real, it’s also comically bad. He didn’t just catch himself a little, he caught himself a lot. If that doesn’t tickle your slapstick funny bone, we don’t know what will.

His fans and famous friends certainly found the humor in the situation. DJ and songwriter Diplo playfully dubbed Rhett the “country music Bear Grylls.” A fan joked that he may have found the inspiration for his next hit, saying, “Sounds like a future #1 ‘Then I Hooked Myself.’” Fortunately, Rhett’s little fishing accident didn’t ruin the entire trip. He also shared several (far less traumatizing) memories from his family’s time in the Centennial State.

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Till next time Colorado 🙌

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Outside of angling, he enjoyed a little drinking, campfire-sitting and spending quality time in the great outdoors with their three daughters: Willa Gray, Ada James and Lennon Love. Let’s just hope that he’s had a tetanus shot recently, too.

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