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Don’t Freak Out, But Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Garner May Have Been Spotted on a Date

Before Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s 2018 split, they were one of the most beloved and (seemingly) rock solid couples in Hollywood. And now that they’ve split, Affleck’s journey forward has received a lot of attention, from his 2019 relapse and return to rehab to his new whirlwind romance with co-star Ana de Armas. But what about Garner’s journey? Other than her continued support of Affleck’s recovery and commitment to prioritizing her kids’ well-being, we’ve heard little about Garner’s romantic life  — until now. Garner was spotted out in Malibu with a certain single shirtless hunk by the name of Bradley Cooper, who had 3-year-old daughter Lea in tow. These three lay out in the sand all day, laughing and talking with no one else in sight. We’re trying not to jump to conclusions…but wow, if there’s something to it, we are ready and willing to stan this couple.

This beach day, of which TMZ published a series of photos, is hardly Cooper and Garner’s first introduction, as these two starred on several seasons of hit show Alias together. It’s also not entirely fair to say that Garner has had no romantic life until this moment — she dated John Miller for two years, from whom she recently split, but kept their relationship so out of the spotlight that it seemed she had retired from public dating entirely.

But with a star on the level of Cooper, fans were bound to take notice, and many are already expressing their adoration for the Garner-Cooper pairing online. While it may very well have been a case of old friends catching up, we’re just happy to see Garner out with a smile on her face. Friends, lovers, whatever: These two are cute.

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