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Welcome to the New SheKnows — Here’s What You Can Expect

If you’re reading this, you’ve already seen our new-and-improved SheKnows. And let me be the first to say: Welcome!

We’ve updated everything from our color scheme to our logo to the way in which we’re showcasing our stories, all with you, our reader, in mind.

The new SheKnows has a new aesthetic that’s in keeping with the evolution of our brand. We’re here to inform and inspire modern moms, and the new array of colors on the site strikes just that tone. It’s fresh, smart and a reflection of our audience.

As parents, we know you’re extremely busy, with limited time to catch up on the news with us, so for starters, you’ll find that our new site is faster to load and easier to navigate, offering you a better user experience. On the new SheKnows, you’ll find everything you need to know — the latest trending stories, must-have items for your family, helpful health content, #momhacks, real parents’ perspectives on topical issues, and coverage of your favorite celebs — at your fingertips.

Our makeover is more than external, too. You’ll find that the new SheKnows is more on point with the stories we’re serving you. Our approach to motherhood is holistic, and we recognize that moms are more than a parent — which is why you’ll also find stories on the latest wellness trends, celebrity news, and foodie favorites — on top of must-read perspectives on the parenting issues we all face as we raise good humans.

You’re a mom, but you’re so much more, too, and the new SheKnows is here for you. Enjoy our new look and drop me a line to tell us your thoughts (and what you’d like to read more of!) at

Eugenia Miranda Richman


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