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Michelle Obama’s Reason for Falling in Love with Barack Wasn’t What He Expected

Michelle Obama has a podcast now. And like many great women, you only need her name to know it’s going to be fabulous. The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and now: The Michelle Obama PodcastOn episode 1, Michelle chats with hubby Barack, who you may know as our former President — because what are husbands for if not supporting your podcast dreams and influencing the American public while they’re at it? While we’re grateful for any wisdom we can get from these two (and there’s no denying we need advice more than ever these days), these two didn’t focus on current events, instead adorably breaking down the personal side of their relationship and how this powerhouse couple got started. In a heart-fluttering moment, Michelle actually reveals what made her first fall in love with Barack — and the dad joke enthusiast can’t help pointing out that her answer isn’t what he expected.

As usual, Michelle and Barack aren’t just wowing us with their words, but with the sweet, sweet dynamic they have with each other. In her podcast, Michelle goes off on a serious note before getting derailed by Barack’s quip: “One of the reasons why I fell in love with you—”

“It wasn’t just my good looks?” Barack teases her (come on, it had to be a factor).

“You’re cute,” Michelle grants him, “But, you know…”

Michelle goes on to say that it was their shared values that first made her realize Barack could be the real deal. “You’re guided by the principals that we are each other’s brothers’ and sisters’ keepers and that is how I was raised,” she says. “It is not enough that I succeed on my own, I have to care about what happens to the kid at the desk next to me at school…if something good happens to you you don’t hoard it, you share it.”

Barack totally agreed: “I figured out when I got to school, If I’m just chasing after my own success, somehow I’m going to end up alone and unhappy. That’s why I went into community organizing… because when I thought about, how did I want to spend my life, what I looked at was what the civil rights workers had done and what the freedom fighters had done. That looks like hard work but it doesn’t look like lonely work. It looks like hard and risky work but not selfish, isolated, and meaningless work.”

Is anyone surprised that the Obamas bonded over their shared love of helping others? There aren’t enough heart-eye emojis in the world for this couple.

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