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Meghan Markle’s Friend Warned She’d End Up Like Princess Diana If She Married Prince Harry

By now, it’s (sadly) well known that Prince Harry was warned by, it seems, nearly everyone he’d ever come in contact with about his intentions to marry Meghan Markle. Most famously, we know that brother Prince William had his concerns about the pace of the relationship, leading to longstanding rumors of familial tension, and — perhaps — Harry’s ultimate departure from the family. But why is it that Meghan’s detractors are once again getting all the attention? We’re learning more and more that Meghan’s friends had plenty of warnings about her intentions to marry Harry too, and one reminder to look to how the royal family treated wives like Harry’s mom Princess Diana has stopped us in our tracks.

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In an excerpt of new Harry and Meghan biography Finding Freedompublished in The Times, new light is shed on who was in Meghan’s ear in the months leading up to her engagement. While we already know that Meghan’s friends had warned her about the potential for tabloids to be cruel (a warning she wish she’d heeded more, in retrospect), but one friend seems to have called out her concerns about the royal family’s treatment in particular.

“Look at Diana,” she reportedly told Meghan. “They hate royal wives and girlfriends. They will come after you.”

As we know, Harry’s late mother Diana was hounded by paparazzi and plagued by rumors until her early death, itself a side effect of a paparazzi car chase. It would likely break Harry’s heart to know that his mother’s tragic fate was offered as a deterrent from marrying the former Prince himself — but at the same time, he shared those fears about how a marriage and family within the royal family could really work.

Harry has made it clear, this year more than ever, that his wife’s safety and comfort is his priority. The royal family may have a reputation for giving newcomers a hard time, but Harry has a reputation for looking out for his loved ones. And that’s likely why he, Meghan, and baby Archie are sitting in Los Angeles right now.

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