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Amanda Kloots & Nick Cordero’s Son Elvis Remembers His Dad in This Very Special Way

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero’s son spoke his first words Sunday and mom Amanda took to Instagram to share the sweet moment. On Sunday, Cordero’s wife Kloots shared an adorable video of their 13-month-old son Elvis Eduardo who can be seen looking at a picture of his late father on what looks to be a nightstand. The toddler’s first words come not long after the Broadway actor died July 5 from coronavirus complications. 

“Elvis said his first words today!! Listen closely! He pointed at Nick in our new picture light and said ‘right there.’ He hasn’t seen Nick since March 30th. The fact that he still knows who his Dada is, point to him and give him a kiss to me is amazing,” Kloots captioned the video.

Elvis’ first words were a response to his mother’s question: “where’s dada?” Elvis excitedly answered by pointing to his father’s photo and giving it a kiss, giggling, and sweetly saying “right here.”

And on Monday, the 38-year-old took to Instagram to share another super cute photo Elvis wearing an adorable bathing suit and matching hat captioning, “Nick would always say, ‘Babes, look at our boy. We are so blessed.’ I couldn’t agree more. 💙”

The pain the family is going through must be unimaginable — and one day earlier, Kloots gave insight into what her grief feels like.

This. This is what grief feels like at the moment,” Kloots captioned an Instagram photo of a man floating in space. “I’m just voicing -it in case anyone can relate. It’s important to voice grief, I’ve learned, for me. It’s ok. It’s weird. It’s ok. Grief is weird, it’s horrible, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I feel like I’m in outer space, drifting alone, but in a protective suit. The current soundtrack is Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. It’s playing as I’m floating.”



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