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Pink Shares a Sweet & Oh-So-Relatable Message to Husband Carey Hart On His 45th Birthday

After 14 years and two kids, Pink and Carey Hart have shared quite a journey together — and through it all, they appear to as in love as ever, while still managing to gently tease one another on social media. The most recent proof: In honor of her husband’s 45th birthday, the ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ artist posted an adorable photo of the couple, with the singer-songwriter smiling as Hart rests on her shoulder.

“Happy birthday @hartluck I still remember your 27th birthday. You’re so much cooler now. I hope this year is your happiest. #youdeservethebest your kids worship you and I am grateful for you every single day almost,” she wrote as the caption on Instagram. Talk about keeping it real.

Of course, Pink has been super-honest and open — both in her music and on social media — about the struggles she and Hart have worked through in their relationship, and what helps make their marriage work. One thing on that list? Marriage counseling. Pink has freely admitted that without couples’ therapy, the duo would not still be together, and in June she shared an IGTV live with Vanessa Inn, who sees the couple and the artist separately, to bring more awareness and normalize this resource. ‘Because you know, I think partners after a long time, we just speak — I can’t say it’s a man and woman thing, I think it’s a partner thing, a spouse thing — that you just speak two different languages,’ she reflected.


As it turns out, sweet, gentle ribbing seems to be a birthday tradition in this family, if Hart’s heartfelt birthday message to daughter Willow, on her 9th birthday, is any indication:

“My sweet daughter willow. Where do I start. You have shown me what love of a child is all about. You changed my life from the moment your mama was pregnant. I always wanted to be a father and thank you for choosing me as your papa. You impress me everyday you walk this planet,” he opened his Instagram caption. “You are smart, thoughtful, compassionate, full of piss and vinegar, physical, and a lil shit!!!!’ One of the biggest joys I have with you is watching you grow into your own independent person each day that passes. You are gonna change the world one day, munchkin. I could not [b]e more proud and in love with you. Have a great 9th birthday. Thank you mama @pink for cooking a good one.”

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