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If Chelsea Handler Can Keep Masks On Her Boobs While Exercising, We Can Keep Masks on Our Faces

Chelsea Handler is stripping away excuses about wearing a face mask. In fact, she’s literally stripping! In an effort to stress the importance of wearing face masks, she ditched her typical top. In its place, she strung together two face masks to create a DIY pandemic-approved bra top — which she managed to keep on while doing lunges in a hilarious workout video.

The comedian took to Instagram on Friday afternoon to document her latest sweat session with her trainer. Or at least that’s what the video she shared appears to be at first glance. Mere moments into the clip, though, it’s readily apparent that Handler’s real focus isn’t her glutes. It’s your face. “Everybody needs to find a mask and put it on because I’d like to have fun again, okay?” she says to the camera, adding, “People want their kids to go back to school and we’re abusing our health care workers. Please find a mask and put it on any part of your body!”

Of course, Handler is joking about tossing a mask on just any part of your body. In her face mask advocacy since the pandemic began, she’s repeatedly demonstrated how to properly wear one. But, c’mon, this new video is comedy gold. And she makes a killer point: If she can get surgical masks to stay on her breasts without any major wardrobe malfunction, the rest of us can surely manage to keep masks positioned correctly on our faces.

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Judging by the comment feed, there will be detractors who think Handler’s DIY bra top means she isn’t taking face masks seriously. Those people should refer to the message Handler posted last week.

“This is a PSA for mask users everywhere, which should include every-f*cking-body, you don’t need to go like this [pulls down mask] when you’re talking to somebody while you’re wearing a mask,” she said. “We can f*cking hear you. We have been watching newscasters for the last two months broadcast with masks on through a television set or through your iPhone. If you can hear them, I can hear you if you’re standing two or ten feet away from me.”

And as you may have noticed in Handler’s hilarious workout video, she keeps her mask up and on the entire time. Her nose, mouth and breasts all remain securely concealed for the duration. Who says face masks don’t provide great coverage?!

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