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Chrissy Teigen Nearly Reveals John Legend’s Bare Butt in Cheeky Instagram Video

Chrissy Teigen is getting really cheeky on Instagram — or, rather, John Legend is. On Friday, the Cravings author gave fans an almost NSFW peek at her husband in the shower because, well, she’s a giver. And while it doesn’t appear that Legend signed off on this rather revealing Instagram glimpse, we’re pretty sure he’s used to being the, ahem, butt of his wife’s jokes.

Technically, Teigen tried to share Legend’s bare buns with the world earlier this week via an Instagram Story. She must have felt it wasn’t sufficiently circulated, though, since she decided to drop the video on Instagram proper. In the hilarious clip, Teigen stands in front of a mirror in the couple’s enormous bathroom. She’s wearing a bathing suit but, in the background, Legend can be seen showering sans any clothes at all. Thanks to her strategic hand placement, Teigen manages to hide her husband’s, you know, assets. “ICYMI,” she captioned the clip, in which she can’t stop giggling.

Not surprisingly, fans couldn’t contain their excitement over the video either, flooding Teigen’s comment feed with emoji-heavy responses. However, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson summed up the general sentiment best, writing, “Begging for you to lose your balance.”

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This isn’t the first time Teigen has tried to expose her husband. Back in 2015, she shared a photo of Legend standing at a desk in the nude. Although her leg is blocking the bottom half of his bare tush, let’s just say you can see enough. Granted, Teigen doesn’t just post partially-nude photos and videos of Legend. Since having her breast implants removed recently, she has posted several snapshots of her body — including a spate of bikini selfies.

This is a family that simply feels comfortable spending time in the nude (and sharing that time with millions on social media). But, like, look at them — can you really blame them?

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